Disadvantages Of Falling In Love Because Of Loneliness

Disadvantages Of Falling In Love Because Of Loneliness

Disadvantages Of Falling In Love Because Of Loneliness

Disadvantages Of Falling In Love Because Of Loneliness: There is a famous quote which goes “Love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely” As simple as this might seem, it is not so simple after all. Although, being single has its perks, there are times that loneliness sets in and you begin to question what the hell you’re even doing with your life.

As you continue to dwell on your loneliness, your mind begins to work in overdrive. Different crazy ideas about the things you can do to eliminate your loneliness starts setting in.

 Maybe I really do want a relationship right now, it tells you. Maybe things really could work a third time around with my ex, it tries to convince you. Maybe I’m being too picky, it questions as you begin to spiral.

Then you reach for your phone and start going after people who you are not supposed to go after. You start considering the possibility of things working out between you and someone who you are not even supposed to have any business with in the first place. As fulfilling as this might seem at the time, it is full of disastrous disadvantages that could be damaging to you in the end.


1. A Total Waste of Time

Irrespective of the form it might take, investing time into another person out of loneliness is a total waste. In those moments of loneliness, it makes more sense to hit the gym so that you can look and feel better when it comes to meeting someone you’re actually into. Or, to just revel in the fact that unlike your married friends – you literally can do whatever you want at the moment and have nobody to answer to in the process.


2. You’ll end up settling for less than you deserve

When you allow your loneliness to become the best of you, the chances of you settling for less than you deserve is on the high side. Your loneliness blindsides all the reasonable reasons why you guys can’t be together. It keeps on convincing you that you and the person are meant to be together even though it would only end in premium tears.


3. It is a total game killer

Being with someone out of loneliness can actually kill your game when you eventually find a new person you are into. Once your game is killed, it ultimately puts you in a lower status with your new crush or prospective boo. You may find yourself working around his or her schedule when you break existing plans to see them. You may also rush into an intense “inst-relationship” that has nowhere to go but downhill once you really get to know each other. If it doesn’t work out, you’re probably going to feel a lot lonelier than you do now.

The most important point for single people is that they should recognize the feeling of loneliness for what it is and learn to prevent themselves from reaching out to the wrong people. If you are contemplating the idea of texting the wrong person, just remember the quote, “Love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely” and repeat it to yourself for as long as you need to.


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